My Credo,

We are told that a painter having various styles is looking his own personality ,

The reality may be quite different. The painter can "find" himself each time, although it could be in various forms and diversified ways.

We must admit that each artwork is a unique moment.

Its inspiration will seek it roots in previous works, its definitive form in an intuition of the future and its momentum in the present time. A work is at all times the punctual result of an emotion, a reflection, a gesture, and, an appropriate technic.

Indeed the artist's profound personality can be found from one work to another, in the sense of the architecture he gives to his paintings, the occupation of pictural space, choreography or the colotful harmony.

But  to find it identically from one canvas to another, proceeds from an imaginary structuring which, it seems to me, turns its back on the very motion of Art.
Art, continuous creation, must be abstracted from any determination or repetition that would degrade it.

Consequently, the one who prides himself on Art as an actor, must not be afraid to explore different ways of expressing himself, and even to follow contradictory and sometimes unexplored paths, provided that they are authentic and escapes the dictatorship of fashion and the syndrome of the brand so much pronounced by the institutional ones. Even if he has the feeling of missing the "Beautiful".

Thus, along my picturial journey, I was led to scan various modes of representation of reality, successively or alternatively:
                       -a rather classical figurative style constituted my beginnings,
                       -expressionism represented a necessary stage,
                       -One of my last exploration is on the border of Cubism and Futurism, considering that the eye of the painter is always in motion, I wish to print  and energize                                    the motif, by fragmenting the pace as well as the subject. I hope to capture and restore both light and movment,
                       - Finally, abstraction is a magnetismof all moments, without my giving it up completely.

                                                                                                                                           Jacques DRAI