Jacques DRAI, a company manager from near Paris, moved to Montpellier, south of France, i, 1996 to indulge his passion for visual arts, attracted by light and a certain art of living in Occitanie.

He attended various workshops in Paris and Montpellier ( Cayol, Equer, J.J. Gevaudan, C. Reynier...) where his sensitivity opened up to various modes of picturial expression.

Very sentitive to the power of colour, his painting are in a large range, sometimes able to recall the work of the fauve artists.

No seeking the faithful reproduction of reality, his models and his motifs serve as an alibi for free expression depending on the atmosphere of the place and the feeling of the moment. He explores different styles of paintings, successively or alternately, passing from expressionism to cubism without abandoning the temptation of abstraction.

His credo is that each work must be the expression of a unique moment, not the declination of a codified recipe. His work is of great liveliness and richness. It is the reflection of a flamboyant daily life, made up of moments, encounters and emotions.

In the diversity of  his creation, a common point is recurring, harmony of forms, search for  movment , power of color and luminous intensity